School Knott, Windermere

This is a great little walk, offering beautiful views over Windermere Town and the lake.  You can start this walk from Windermere or Bowness, but to keep it easy for little legs, we parked for free by the side of the road at Grid Reference 423962 on OS map OL7.  This is the Crook Road and the lay by is just on the bend near the Windermere Golf Club.

Follow the well signed and clear path northwards, taking on part of the Dales Way.  After half a mile, we turned right (eastwards) first and headed up the back of School Knott, past the beautiful little tarn at the bottom.  Once at the top of the Knott, continue onwards, dropping down the other side to complete an anti-clockwise loop.

Go through the gate and turn left, eventually rejoining the Dales Way and walk back to the car.  But this is a lollipop loop walk and could be done in either direction.  Here’s the map:

The walk is 2.5 miles in total and took us a couple of hours as we spent time sledging and throwing lots of snowballs!  No photos of the view from the top over Windermere I’m afraid as it was snowing!


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