About Us

We’re an active family, with a brand new baby (end 2018), a 5 year old and a 7 year old, from Bowness-on-Windermere in the Lake District. We love walking and this website follows some of our family walking adventures into the fells, pubs and local areas.

We started this blog when the kids were just 2 and 4 years old, really just as a personal record. Unexpectedly, it became popular, so we continued documenting our adventures to be able to share with other families our easy, short walks. We try our hardest to include all the information required for a walk, but always advise that you take a map and know how to read it!

We do have a handful of affiliate links on our site. We only ever post things that we have used personally and really do actually recommend and love. We won’t promote something because we’ve been approached by a manufacturer. This is a tiny site, and any pennies made go towards new boots for the kids, so thank you if you do decide to follow one of our links.

Below is a bit of our family journey, and although things have changed since then (hello baby #3!), here is our first blog post………

March 2016: It was the first sunny day of the year (after the horrific storms and flooding in December 2015) and we decided to go for an easy walk on the hills. And that’s when the mountains inspired us.

Our children gave us 1,649 sleepless nights. And we wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m sure it’s not even physically possible, but somehow we survived it! Tending to agonising cries of colic, near constant night feeds, sickness, changing nappies, rocking, bouncing, swaddling, cuddling, kissing… until finally, one night at the end of 2015 our youngest daughter finally slept through the night.

After three months of catching up on nearly 5 years sleep deprivation, we’re ready. The hills surround us, and are constantly inspiring us. We are ready for the next chapter. We are finally energised, raring to go and chomping at the bit!

This is just the start of the journey and we’d love to share it with you. Each weekend we’ll take our kids on an adventure, as we discover caves, collect sticks and stones, hike up mountains, paddle in the lakes and much more in the beautiful Lake District. We will include photos and as much information on each walk as possible for you. Perhaps we’ll even see you on the fells one day.

Finally, a walk wouldn’t be complete without topping it off with a visit to a local pub! We share each one we visit with you.

As time goes on, we hope this blog will grow into a fantastic resource for families wanting to enjoy walking the hills of the Lake District. Bear with us, there’s only so many mountains we can climb in a day!

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