Family Walks Top Walking Tips

We will constantly add to this page, to bring you our top family walking tips for the Lake District. Check back regularly!

1. If the kids get a bit tired or start having a grumble towards the end of a long walk, we have a little trick that instantly brightens their mood and puts a spring in their step…. Music! We have downloaded their favourite tracks (Frozen, Sing etc) onto our phones and suddenly they’re cheering and singing along, eager to keep on walking! We try and save this until the end of the walk, to be more effective, and we do of course turn the volume down to a reasonable level! Give it a go!

2. Tired of making sandwiches? Why not try the hot dog picnic? Boil the kettle and place your hot dogs in a wide necked flask. Take with you a small bottle of ketchup (or sachets!) and some hot dog buns. Ta da! A hot, tasty and easy lunch treat that the kids will love!

3. Fairy treats… The kids are bound to have a lull at some point during your adventure. We always take a secret supply of fairy treats, which magically appear just at the right moment! Sometimes they fall magically from the sky, other times they can be found hiding in tree roots or bushes!

4. Getting the kids crafting on the fells is easy! Have a look at our simple DVD case art set video that you can easily slip into your (or your child’s!) rucksack. Thanks to our good friend Clare for the inspiration (she is a real artist!!) If you don’t want to DIY, we recommend this travel paint kit.

Please feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comments! And check back regularly as we build this page into a fantastic family walking resource for the Lake District.

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  1. These are amazing tips and I have seen these in action. Fantastic time last Sunday morning – taking photos of your family.. I will also be using these tips on my family shoots. Thank you for a great morning. I could spend all day with you guys it is such fun.

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  2. Hi
    I think we met you on the top of Helvellyn on Friday. What a great website! We entertain our children by looking at the shapes of puddles and deciding what they look like. You’d be surprised how much fun it is! Obviously it only works if there are puddles but that isn’t normally a problem here!

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  3. I find this blog fantastic! Thank you.. As a mum of 4 itโ€™s so helpful. We too use the hot dog idea read in the Bella magazine many years ago. I see you mentioned hot chocolate too… we take a flask of hot chocolate, a little bag of marshmallows and squirty cream in the rucksack, itโ€™s a great pick-me-up when little legs get tired โ˜บ๏ธ


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