Product Recommendations

We have a handful of affiliate links on our site. We only ever post things that we have used personally and really do actually recommend and love. We won’t promote something because we’ve been approached by a manufacturer. This is a tiny site, and any pennies made go towards new boots for the kids, so thank you if you do decide to follow one of our links.


Sawyer Water Filter – this is an amazing little gadget, and one that we always have with us, particularly on hot summer days. With 5 bodies to keep hydrated, carrying loads of water can be really heavy. This solves the problem. Simply collect water from a stream and drink it through the filter. It’s saved us on several occasions, when the kids were completely parched.


This compact survival shelter is perfect to enjoy your picnic at the summit of any mountain. It’s saved us on numerous occasions, no poles required, simply unfold and get in. As soon as you’re inside it warms up, even on snowy days! The kids will always remove their jackets once inside as they get too hot! Perfect as a wind shelter on blustery days or just somewhere to warm up and rest little legs on long hikes.


Go Find It Treasure Hunt cards – we play loads of games whilst on our walks, and although you could make these yourselves, if you’re like us and short on time, these lovely cards come pre packaged in a handy little bag and do all the hard work for you.


Go Find It Treasure Hunt Too cards – more treasure hunt cards, for slightly older kids.


Watercolour Travel Palette – when we get to the top of a mountain, or are enjoying a lake shore, we love to use our travel paint kit. The kids think it’s fantastic, and it’s encourages us to appreciate nature even more. If you don’t fancy making your own DVD case art set, this one is a brilliant alternative.