Long Meg Stone Circle and Lacy’s Caves, Penrith

*edit* We’ve received feedback from a follower who said that the path has deteriorated significantly in the past few months, with sheer drop offs and broken wooden walkways. Poor weather also makes this particularly slippery and treacharous. We will endeavour to check out the path and update this blog as soon as we get the opportunity. In the meantime, please exercise extreme caution if you are embarking upon this walk, especially if conditions are wet. Do so only at your own risk and within your own comfort levels. */edit*

Today’s walk is one we’ve been wanting to do for a very long time.  A visit to see the Bronze Age stone circle, Long Meg, and then to explore Lacy’s Caves on the River Eden.

We parked on the road side in the village of Little Salkeld, at grid reference 566362 on OS map OL5.  Try postcode CA10 1NW in your Sat Nav, but remember it might not be 100% accurate!

The circular, anticlockwise walk is mostly flat, with a small hill near the beginning, but not much more.  And is 4.75 miles long.  This is longer than our normal routes, but as it was flat, and involved two exciting stop offs, we decided to go for it!

Head north east on the road, out of the village.  After 400 metres, turn left onto a track, which leads all the way to the stone circle.  The kids loved it here, climbing over the huge rocks and playing hide and seek!

Continue on, through the farm and over some very thick muddy ground.  Follow the forest path all the way up to Daleraven Bridge.  Don’t cross, but turn sharp left.  This path leads all the way to Lacy’s Caves and then back to the car in Little Salkeld.

Be warned that some of the pathway has been quite severely washed away during the winter storms of 2015.  please only walk there at your own risk and take extra special care of children, particularly on the slippery wooden pathways.

Lacy’s Caves were built in the 18th Century, and comprise 5 large chambers carved out of the red sandstone hillside.  They are precariously located on the edge of the River Eden, so again, take care and enter at your own risk.

Here’s the full route map (we walked anticlockwise to get the small hill out the way first, but it can be done either way):


This was a long walk for us, but both kids managed it and enjoyed it.  There’s a tea room in the village, but we didn’t get time to try it this time.

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  1. My husband, myself and our 7 month old (in a carrier) completed this work today, great little walk, some negotiations required between the bridge and the cave part of the walk, and quite wet but we managed! Lovely walking through the woods and fields! Thanks for the inspiration!


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