river bank

Nannypie Lane, Sedgwick nr Kendal

Locals know this place most commonly as “Nannypie Lane”, although officially it’s called Wilson Place.  This stretch of the River Kent is near Sedgwick, on the outskirts of Kendal and is a fantastic place to have a family walk and / or a picnic on a hot sunny day. 


Levens Hall Deer Park, Levens

This is a gently undulating, but mostly flat, 3 mile circular walk along the River Kent, just outside of Kendal, up to Force Falls at the top and back down to Levens Hall in the south. If you don’t fancy a long walk, then just take a few hundred metres walk to the river shoreline and have a picnic and a paddle!

Sella Rock, south of Ulpha

Sella Rock, about a mile south of Ulpha village, is a beautiful little picnic spot. We’ve driven past here many a time, on the way to or from our family walks.  And we’ve often seen people picnic’ing and frolicking by the river bank.  Well today we finally made a stop there!