Latrigg, near Keswick

We had an absolutely brilliant family walk today at Latrigg, just outside of Keswick.  It was wonderful for multiple reasons… free car parking, parking close to the summit, 360 degree views, glorious sunshine and snow!

We parked at the free car park at the end of the road from Applethwaite, at GR 281254.  There’s only space for about 15 cars, but on our return we saw that many more cars had parked along the side of the road.

Head out the back of the car park, going through the gate and then taking the path to the right, signed “Latrigg accessible path”.

The path itself is just about suitable for an all terrain pushchair (not a standard pushchair or pram).  It’s well maintained, with a gentle uphill gradient.

Follow the path as it steadily, but easily, winds its way upwards.  Shortly you’ll crest the ridge and be rewarded with amazing views of Bassenthwaite Lake, Keswick, Derwentwater, Catbells and the higher fells.

The path takes a left turn, keep following it until you reach the bench at the viewpoint.  On a clear day the view is simple breathtaking.  Continue up the small hill behind you to the actual top, then drop off the back, veering left down a grassy track that will lead you back to the car in a loop.

We did approximately 1.5 miles in total, but spent quite a while on the fell, as the kids enjoyed playing snowballs, building snowmen and generally having loads of fun on the mountain!

Highly recommend this very accessible and easy walk up Latrigg.  It ranks up there as one of our family favourites, but the snow might’ve influenced us a bit!

If you have time, there’s a great playground in Fitz Park in Keswick and plenty of delicious pubs to refuel in.

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  1. Hello
    First of all, say that I love your web page. I love your photos and the information you provide. It is a great idea for those who want to do routes with children.

    I have read several of his post , and from here to summer (that is when we are going to visit the Lake District) I am going to read many more!!!

    We are a family with two boys of 5 and 8 years old. We are going to go from Spain to spend a week in a cottage in Thornthwaite (near Braithwaite and Keswick). We do not know the area, but after reading many pages on the web, we thought that in August it would be less crowded that area than in the south.

    Our children are active, they do sport a lot, but it is true that we have not gone much to do waking routes, this is our first trip to really make walking routes.

    I would like you to recommend us the routes that you consider are the most beautiful to get a general and spectacular idea of that area of England (obviously to do with children and not long ones).

    We are a bit worried because we read that there are a lot of people at that time in the lakes and that it is very difficult to park and very expensive to park.

    I have seen on your website that you also recommend places to park for free (Ido not know if that is also in summer or they are free parking only during less popular times of the year).

    We do not mind picking up the car and moving around the park to have access to some route that you consider very nice regardless of whether it is far from Keswick. I can also buy a map, the one you think could be the best for us.

    It is only 7 days so at most we will do 7 routes, since we also want to do other activities (go by boat, Treetop Trek, etc …). Maybe there we can combine a boat trip in a lake with walking route in the way back.

    I looked for a contact link on your website but I did not find it, so I’ll send the mail through Facebook and the comments to one of your routes on the web.
    Thanks a lot for your time and suggestions for our trip.
    Alicia and Petter (Marco and Lucas)


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