Fairy Steps, Beetham

A brilliant, easy and exciting walk to the “fairy steps” at Beetham. ¬†The kids absolutely loved this walk, and were thrilled to find some chocolate coins that the fairies had magically left on the tree stump above the fairy rock! ūüėČ

Parking in Beetham is very difficult. ¬†You are either very lucky to get one of the few spaces on the road, or, if you’re going to eat/drink at the Wheatsheaf Pub, there is a pub car park. ¬†Alternatively there is a layby at GR 491799, just where the road splits.

We started our walk at GR494796 on OS map OL7. ¬†It’s well signed, all the way up to the Fairy Steps at GR 487789. ¬†It’s a very very muddy walk, and we would highly recommend wellies for this walk. ¬†It’s not far but it really is muddy!

The walk takes you across a muddy field, and through some woods.  At the time of year we went (end of January) we saw the first snowdrops of spring flowering.  Plus, the kids were convinced that the mossy rocks were actually trolls, like those in the film Frozen!

The final stretch of path through the woods leads you to the Fairy Steps themselves. ¬†Look closely in the trees at the top and you’ll find some fairy decorations and fairy doors. ¬†Take a look at the video below to see me walking up the Fairy Steps.

Legend has it that if you ascend or descend the limestone gorge without touching the sides, then the fairies will grant you a wish! ¬†Good luck and be careful if it’s wet and slippy!

There are beautiful views out over the estuary into Morecambe Bay too.  After a little picnic we headed back, turning right at the permanent cairn (signed Slack Head), to make a little loop, finishing on the road.  In total it was less than 2 miles, and our 3 year old just about managed to walk it all, with a bit of chocolate encouragement!

The Wheatsheaf Pub in Beetham is a perfect finish to this brilliant and easy family walk. If you’re into tea and cake, there is also a very quaint cafe that looks well worth a visit, just down the road from the pub.

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  1. We did this walk today, it was lovely and not too muddy after a few dry days! The village tea room was closed by the time we got back but we had some nice tea and cake at the garden centre across the A6.

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