Simpson Ground Reservoir, Bowland Bridge

Today we completed a very wet and boggy circular walk up to Simpson Ground Reservoir, south west of Bowland Bridge.  We walked here on a sunny day, but it had rained very heavily overnight and for the previous few days.

I’d certainly consider the timing of this walk in future, and probably wouldn’t return on the day after or during heavy rain!!  However, the views are beautiful and probably even more brilliant is the fact that we saw not a single other human being on the entire 3.4 mile walk!

We parked just off the road at GR 410858, right next to the start of the footpath.  There are a couple of layby’s on the road, but parking is limited.

Follow the footpath signed Simpson Ground on the winding track up Pattison How.  The views eastwards become more and more spectacular as you climb.  At the top you’ll see an old farm building.

The next section of the walk is little bit tricky to navigate and also really rather boggy.  You might well need to carry little ones along this bit until you pop out at Simpson Ground farm.

So, walk past the derelict building and continue straight on until you see a waymarker pointing right.  You’re looking for a stone step stile that goes over the wall.  It does have a yellow footpath sign on it, but can be a bit tricky to find.

Once you’ve crossed the wall, continue straight on, with the  stream on your left.  This bit is the really boggy and wet bit.  And, at times of bracken can be overgrown as well.  There are three individual wooden waymarker posts to look for, which lead you to a small bridge before joining the track to Simpson Ground farm.  Finally the worst of the bog is over!

Once you’re through the gate at the farm, turn right and then right again through a gate onto open fell.  Bear left up towards another gate on the other side of the fell.  Once you’re through the gate you’re almost there!  Take the right fork when you get to one and follow the path up to the reservoir.

You can walk all the way to the end of the reservoir, to have a look, but to continue on the loop walk, you’ll need to take the footpath to the right, shortly after you emerge at the dam.  The route is now much easier to navigate and far less wet!

Follow the path all the way northwards, through the forest, until you emerge onto open fell.  Get ready for some more stunning scenery.

We meandered down and right until we joined a track to the road at Foxfield.  From here it’s a simple walk down the track until you reach the road.  Right at the road will lead you back to the car.

Please don’t do this walk without an OS map (OL7).  The route map is in the photos below.

3.4 mile walk in total, some beautiful scenery, not a single other living soul to be seen… and a lot of wet!!

If you fancy some nice pub grub afterwards, head to the Hare and Hounds in Bowland Bridge.  It’s delicious!

Thanks to Glynis Bland for the inspiration to do this walk 🙂

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