Scale Force and Crummock Water

Thanks to Lee Benson for this contribution to the blog. Scale Force and Crummock Water.  

After parking up in Buttermere (there are several car parks including a National Trust one), we located the path that leads to the lakes (bottom of the village near the lakes carpark).  

On this path you will find a fun structure to balance on, and just after this you will see a kissing gate with a sign which is covered in long grass. Go through the gate and follow the path down to the bridge.  

After the bridge turn right, follow the obvious path. You will cross streams and follow along the side of Crummock Water (we even spotted a red deer not long after joining this path!)

About quarter of the way up the lake the path becomes a bit unclear. Look for a hole in a wall with a bridge on the other side. You will pick up a path that follows this stream up the valley. Stick to this path and it will take you up to a tree lined gorge where you will find Scale Force.  Scale Force is the largest single span fall in Cumbria. Go after rainfall to see it at its best. 

At the bottom of the fall there is small scramble up to the bottom of the main falls which my six year old loved doing but we left mum and the three year old at the bottom as the stones were wet and quite slippery.  

We carried on in a loop back to the bridge but the paths were hard to follow and in places they became unclear. Using a bit of common sense it wasn’t too hard to find the way back (if you’re not confident turn and follow the path you came on back).  

Once back in Buttermere there are pubs and cafes but we chose Sykes ice cream farm which produce their own on site (can be found up by the church).  

This walk was about four miles long but with no major climbs both the children made it all the way round without being carried. We also took crocs and a towel as well and had a picnic on the lakeside. Also some great pebble beaches to be found.

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